Keep your engine running smooth.

Engine skip? Fast idle? Slow starts?  Bring your car back to life. Change your oil.

Oil Change

As your engine runs it creates tremendous heat through friction. Without oil, the heat would actually melt parts of your engine. With oil, the moving parts of your engine are lubricated and heat is reduced.

Over time the oil in your engine breaks down and small bits of debris and dirt can get into the oil making it less slippery and less protective.

Changing your vehicle's oil according to the manufacturer's recommendation is perhaps the most important maintenance you can perform to keep your engine working its best. At Tomlinson Body Shop, we have several oil change services to protect your engine:


Standard Oil Change

Our everyday service:
  • Check fluid levels
  • Install new filter
  • Install up to five quarts of  motor oil
  • Lubricate chassis (if necessary)

Ask an auto care advisor to learn how often your manufacturer recommends oil and filter changes for your vehicle and for complete details on our warranty.